Come seek his face!

Dear friends,
just a short reminder about the coming Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday at 7 pm Kristina, I and friends will lead worship in Grisbackakyrkan. There is an lovely event, many churches together. 24/7 worship.
Sunday 11 am at the kvarterslokalen Språkgränd 39-40.

WE MUST GATHER TO SEEK HIS FACE NOW! We need Jesus and his holy Spirit to fill us, lead us and to expand the Kingdom of God, doing ”his stuff”. There is no other way to grow but to come to Him, surrender us to His love and mercy.
The fellowship, church i under construction:
-in the call of evangelism in Ålidhem
-in everyday life as His disciples doing His word of grace where ever we are
-in worship and service, coming in expectation to give our selves in  fellowship and worship.
-in two house groups and another is on the way!
-in the kids/youngsters group on Sundays
-in the youth group, Followers on fridays (starting again next friday)
-in leadership
As we are building this multi cultural community we need U, to pray and to sow into our ministry in Ålidhem. The economy i really going down right now, so LET US JOIN OUR STRENGTH an give!
The bank nbr is: BG 5891-1629

In Him/Leif

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